As Durham Rides Off Into The Sunset

And I doubt that Trump can do much about any of this, especially with some of the people he has left in office. He is only now beginning to grasp the fact that half (or more) of those who head his departments are opposed to him. He needs to get rid of this guy, Wray, that heads up the FBI. Wray is nothing more than James Comey Lite. He will do nothing to clean up the FBI other than talk and his position on “white extremism.” You notice he does not seem to have a major problem with black extremism. Black extremists and outfits like Antifa are useful to some in the deep state apparatus and so they mostly get left alone. When these people raise hell in big cities the politicians therein make the police stand down. Who tells them to do that? If you think that the pressure from above and pressure from below that I have so often written about is not part of the deep state agenda then you are dreaming.


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

How many of you all have, like me, been waiting with bated breath for the release of the Durham Report that would show conclusively that the Obama administration, from the top down, was complicit in trying to deny Trump the presidency? If so, let me pass along a bit of advice. Don’t waste anymore time waiting. It ain’t gonna happen, not now, not after the election, not ever.

All their investigation pointed out one little, low-level culprit, this guy Klinesmith, that will probably get a slap on the wrist for falsifying a document and that’s going to be all she wrote.

The Justice Department is still under the control of the deep state and they are not about to prosecute their own Trump doesn’t like it. Lots of us don’t like it. However, that’s the way it really…

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