Going In The Other Door

The Kamala Harris/Joe Biden ticket is vainly trying to tell us that they are going through the old fashioned door of classical Democratic liberalism, when they are, in fact, going through the door of hardcore communism. We are not supposed to realize that one door inevitably leads to the other. Thanks to our dumbing down by academia and the “news” media, we are supposed to be too stupid to figure that all out.


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Many, many years ago now, back when I was a teenager, they had a series on television called I Led Three Lives. It was based on Herbert Philbrick’s experiences as an FBI operative infiltrating the Communist Party. Philbrick wrote a book with the same name about his infiltration of the Communist Party which I will, Lord willing, be commenting on shortly.

There was one episode in this television series that, for some reason, I did not forget. It showed a door to an office that was labeled “The Communist Party of America.” During the show no one ever went near that door. But many people went into the door right next to that office that had the innocuous name of some company on it.

What people couldn’t see from the hallway was that the office that had the…

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