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“Reconstruction” Was (and is) Marxism

…Foner was forced to admit that “reconstruction” was “an unfinished revolution.”  What he neglected to say was that it was unfinished because it is still going on! It has now spread way beyond the South and encompasses the entire country, … Continue reading

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Karl Marx—Deadbeat Daddy

Donnie Kennedy and I, in our book, Lincoln’s Marxists, noted that Charles A. Dana, managing editor of the New York Tribune hired Marx to write columns for the paper, which was owned and published by utopian socialist Horace Greeley.   … Continue reading

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The Republican Establishment Is Still Marxist

 The Republican Establishment has one goal, furthering the agenda of those who promote One World Government. And believe it or not, in order to do this without being detected, they often have to appear to be bumbling idiots. And they … Continue reading

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Marx Loved Satan

IMHO, Murray Rothbard was the smartest man to have ever lived. — jtl, 419 Marx’s Path to Communism By Murray N. Rothbard via This article is excerpted from volume 2, chapter 10 of An Austrian Perspective on the History … Continue reading

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Collectivists hate individuality, tribalism and ‘Fast And Furious 7′

Nearly all human beings naturally gravitate toward social structures. This is not under debate. The best of us seek to work with others for the betterment of our own position in terms of survival and success, but also the betterment … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden wins 2013 Free Press Peace Prize

Meantime back at the ranch, Pope Francis (Mr. Marxism lite himself) is Time’s “Person of the Year” which indicates the magnanimity of the threat we face. — jtl, 419 via Whiteout December 10, 2013. With a track record like … Continue reading

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