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Why Nobody Trusts the FBI

But the best thing that could happen to America is that we utterly and completely stop trusting the government. Think secession…all the way down to the level of the individual household. — jtl, 419 by David Ray Griffin via … Continue reading

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“Rules For Rebels”–How to defeat Leftists and RINO’s

On page 48 Ron observes: “The bottom line is simple. Without real states’ rights, inclusive of the rights of state nullification and secession, we the people are helpless when facing an all-powerful tyrannical Federal Empire.” And the purpose of their oh so … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Bill To Ban NSA Activity Called the “Biggest Threat Since the Civil War”

A bill introduced in the New Hampshire House for the 2016 session would prohibit a federal-local surveillance collaboration that the NSA’s former chief technical director called the “biggest threat since the civil war.”   Me thinks that when we Texians secede, we … Continue reading

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Pound Sand, Your Honor! More Americans Want States to Ignore Federal Courts

Written by  Selwyn Duke at The New American While dissenting from the recent Supreme Court decision rubber-stamping same-sex “marriage,” Justice Antonin Scalia warned his colleagues that with “each decision … unabashedly based not on law” the Court moves “one step … Continue reading

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Texas Bill Would Make All Federal Gun Laws Invalid & Unenforceable

All I can say is, it’s about damned time. — jtl, 419 By Tim Brown via Freedom Outpost Texas Republican State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt (Lexington), who was recently re-elected, introduced House Bill 176 (HB176), which would declare all federal gun laws … Continue reading

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Nevada Beats Feds By Turning Off Their Water on Yucca Mountain

 A state finds courage – loud huzzahs for Nevadans – Nullification Rules! Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. From Wikipedia   By Lori Rardon from TurnItOffNow! Posted by Charleston Voice Whenever I explain the OffNow Project to someone, they initially respond … Continue reading

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Down Dixie Way: Notes of a Fed-Up Southerner

You could easy tell  a Southern gal from a menopausing crocodile. Up North, you’d need a DNA test. If you are not seriously considering secession, you have no right to call yourself a Southerner. We are a completely different culture … Continue reading

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IRS to Jail Woman Who Owes $0 in Taxes, Seeks Jury Nullification

This is straight out of Soviet Russia. And so it is. Once you believe it can’t get any worse. Well…I’m reminded of my boot camp experience. They told me, “Cheer up. Things could be worse.” So I cheered up and, … Continue reading

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A “Liberal” Bigot’s Guide to Hating the South

If they want to try to create a socialist “paradise” in the Northern states, I say Let ‘Em Go.  Secede. Maybe they WILL be better at socialism than the Soviets, the Chinese, the North Koreans, Cubans, etc.  Just keep the … Continue reading

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Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In US Government Soon

A part of me says, naaaah this is a hoax while a nagging little voice keeps saying “don’t be so sure.” I have no idea as to the accuracy but this just may be it, boys and girls. Whether it … Continue reading

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