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Open Borders Are an Assault on Private Property

He noted, for instance, the large number of ethnic Russians whom Stalin settled in Estonia. This was not done so that Baltic people could enjoy the fruits of diversity. It never is. It was done in an attempt to destroy … Continue reading

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What the Supreme Court Got Wrong in Its Gay-Wedding Cake Decision

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s ruling does not address the central problem with “anti-discrimination” laws and other “public accommodation” requirements… At their core, such laws and regulations are fundamentally based on eliminating the private property rights of business owners who ought … Continue reading

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Can A Sign Revoke Government’s Implied License To Trespass?

Even a layman can understand that when “use” is severely restricted or taken, ownership becomes a barren right.  If property ownership is a “barren” right, then private citizens have no right to own property.  If a private citizen has no … Continue reading

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In West, Feds control land — and lots of jobs

“How can somebody who’s managing my public lands tell me I can’t set foot on them?” asked Briels. “How can they close a road I’ve been using for years, and dictate to the ranchers how they’re going to make their … Continue reading

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So Waco has become an undying testament to the inherent abusive nature of government. Lest we forget. — jtl, 419 by Elias Alias via Oath Keepers While the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is taking it on the chin in … Continue reading

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Do Indians Rightfully Own America?

The implications for the Indian question are straightforward.  Namely: In the extremely unlikely event that any particular Indian can show that he personally is the rightful heir of a particular Indian who was wrongfully dispossessed of a particular piece of … Continue reading

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Defeating the Houston Bathroom Ordinance

Here are some good lessons for the fight to defend private property rights. — jtl, 419 By Mike Holmes via The politics are even worse than you know. First, the City Council passed this thing (dubbed, in a propaganda … Continue reading

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BLM manager’s spouse behind cancellation of 5th grader’s patriotic concert

 Documents obtained by Watchdog Arena through an open records request made Oct. 2 to the ICSD show that a southern Utah environmentalist Chris Zinda, who is married to the state BLM’s Color Country District Manager Heather Whitman, is the lone … Continue reading

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“Camping” on Your Own Land is Now Illegal — Gov’t Waging War on Off-Grid Living

The vilification of people who choose to live an alternative lifestyle is extremely commonplace in modern America. And so where is the “just compensation?” Telling people what they can and can’t do with their own property comes down to a … Continue reading

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Smart Meters: Enforcement Of Mandatory Water Restrictions Is Only Just The Beginning

I guess it never dawned on the commie bastards that the problem is their subsidization all these years of cheap water. Had they turned the resource over to the private sector, and the free market pricing mechanism, they wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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