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Deciphering code words and control phrases

Few people are aware that change agents exist. They work behind the scenes to craft words and phrases that distort our language and disrupt our thought processes. They make good seem evil and evil seem good and deceive us into … Continue reading

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Trump “Protests” Manufactured by Leftist Elites and Manned by Professional Protesters

…there is evidence that leftist elites are behind the protests and riots across the nation. This is a technique (tactic, if you will) as old as the communist party itself. There is a reason Martin Luther King had direct ties … Continue reading

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The Regime Hates Due Process

I have often argued that it is in times of fear — whether generated by outside forces or by the government itself — when we need to be most vigilant about protecting our liberties. H.L. Mencken once said, “The whole … Continue reading

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2014: The Year Propaganda Came Of Age

… I don’t think Joseph Goebbels had anything on US and European media today. Many times I have said essentially the same thing. “Joseph Goebbels was an amateur.” This very good article examines the current state of the art at the … Continue reading

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I Don’t Pledge Allegiance (Or Why I Won’t Swear Fealty To A Sovereign Lord)

Too many Propaganda Camp escapees out there could not begin to explain the difference between nationalism and patriotism or between America and the united States government. They are not the same thing. But this lady understands. — jtl, 419 This … Continue reading

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Is Mainstream Media Now The Most Significant Threat To Freedom?

by Bernie Suarez via Activist Post Humanity as a whole knows and understands the nature of governments. We can read history and see how governments operate to get what it wants. The threat of overreaching government and the obsession with control … Continue reading

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To Control or Destroy the Human Mind

To Control or Destroy the Human Mind. Butler Shaffer on the state’s failing war on truth. FOLLOW FLYOVERPRESS.COM ON FACEBOOK ——————————————————————- Books by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume Call for a pizza, a cop, and an ambulance and see which … Continue reading

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Journalism in America

by eric  What happened to journalism that actually challenged – or even questioned – authority? You know, looked into things – and (as the slogan of a big-time paper styles it) exposed wrongdoing to the world without fear or favor? When … Continue reading

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From the Files of the Nineveh PD

 This follows long-established procedure: Any time a police officer goes “hands-on” with an innocent victim, the victim is charged with a crime to consecrate the laying-on of hands as a ministration of official justice, rather than an act of criminal … Continue reading

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When Judged by the Content of His Character

by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume Introduction In his famous “I have a dream” speech, Martin Luther King, Jr. hoped for a day when people would be “judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their … Continue reading

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