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The Many Ways the State Taxes the Poor

vi Mises Daily: by Julian Adorney Most defenders of the state assume that government services help the poor. And, sometimes, some poor people do benefit financially from government programs. But there’s a hidden cost: taxation and mandatory programs (Social Security, for … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Ridiculous Ways the Government Shutdown Will Affect You According to CNN

via The Dollar Vigilante Millions around the world today are hoping the US federal government shuts down at midnight on Monday.  Many have thoughts of wars and occupations ending in their regions… but, sadly, this is not part of the … Continue reading

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Social Oncology, Race, and the Legacy Media: “It´s Just a Lump. It Will Probably Go Away.”

Nowadays, the quickest way to being labeled “racist” is to tell the truth. But the truth is the truth and here are the facts: When I graduated from high school in 1962, I was president of the debate club. The … Continue reading

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News Flash: Obama Doesn’t Work for You

“You’ve been told all your life — in junior high civics class, at your local church, on the nightly news —  that politicians and soldiers work for you. You’ve been told that their job is to defend the United States, … Continue reading

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