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Can the Media Reveal Stolen Truths?

 The reason we know about these leaks is the common thread among them — the willingness of the media to publish what was apparently stolen. I disagree. In fact, the mainstream media is ignoring and avoiding publishing the leaks. It … Continue reading

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Yes, We Can! Oppose The State…But Be Careful ‘How’

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Wendy McElroy] You can’t fight City Hall. This is propaganda issued by City Hall – government and bureaucrats – to discourage those who would dissent, rebel or resist. “Nothing can be … Continue reading

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Bruce Schneier: ‘I Think There’s a Second NSA Leaker’

Ou rah! The place is coming apart at the seems. Think secession! — jtl, 419 Security expert says a new whistleblower has emerged, Greenwald agrees by Paul Joseph Watson via Security expert Bruce Schneier reacted to yesterday’s new revelations … Continue reading

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Snowden at SXSW: The NSA is ‘setting fire to the future of the Internet’

By Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News    Snowden at SXSW: I would ‘absolutely’ do it again National Security Agency contractor-turned-leaker Edward Snowden told attendees at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, on Monday that they are “firefighters” against mass … Continue reading

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Who’s Controlling The Snowden Documents and to What Purpose? December 18, 2013 Glenn Greenwald has only released 1% of the Snowden documents and those were approved and released after over 100 meetings with US and British intelligence. Some documents are being held back to be released with Greenwald’s … Continue reading

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Snowden’s Father Calls Out Obama On Nuremberg Crimes

I cling to the hope that, some day, guys like Snowden, Manning, et al will be celebrated as all American Heroes of the Washington-Jefferson class. Meantime, just like during the first Revolution, 99% of the spittle chins, quivering lips et … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning Avoids Most Serious Charge, Still Facing Lifetime With His Kidnappers

When a Hispanic-white man got into an altercation in Florida my CIABook wall was filled with hours and days of vitriol.  When a man who tried to show war crime atrocities to the world was kidnapped and killed (life sentence) … Continue reading

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