For a New Liberty

THE ESSENCE OF LIBERTY is a series of condensed versions (Cliff Notes, if you will) of some of the classical as well as modern works in the science of liberty. It is intended to provide an introduction and sound basic foundation in the fundamentals of a discipline that integrates sound, free market principles of economics with a property rights-natural law based ethic into a single whole—a truly universal philosophy of political economy applicable to all men at all times and in all places.

These Notes make excellent study guides to be used along with the book.

My initial objective was to capture the essence of the work in as few words as possible and in a language understandable by the reasonably intelligent person without formal education in political science or economics. Hopefully, in the process, this will whet the appetite for the original and more.

My ultimate objective is to make these logically based, common sense ideas available to a wider audience and, thereby, make a small contribution to our daunting struggle for liberty. If I have succeeded, that would be my only small claim to originality because the ideas are from the minds and the pens of the origina authors. The errors and misiterpretations are mine.

What follows is a chapter by chapter Table of Contents for one of the most fundamental works in this, the science of liberty. Just click on the link to the chapter you want to see:

Table of Contents

Study Guide for For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifeso

by Murray N. Rothbard 

English: The front book cover art for the 2006...

Murray N. Rothbard

Chapter 1: The Libertarian Heritage: The American Revolution and Classical Liberalism After the Revolution; Resistance to Liberty; Decay From Within

Chapter 2: Property and Exchange The Nonaggression Axiom; Property Rights; Society and the Individual; Free Exchange and Free Contract; Property Rights and “Human Rights”

Chapter 3: The State The State as Aggressor; The State and the Intellectuals

Part II: Libertarian Applications to Current Problems

Chapter 4: The Problems

Chapter 5: Involuntary Servitude Conscription; The Army; Anti-Strike Laws; The Tax System; The Courts; Compulsory Commitment

Chapter 6: Personal Liberty Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Radio and Television; Pornography; Sex Laws; Wiretapping; Gambling; Narcotics and Other Drugs; Police Corruption; Gun Laws

Chapter 7: Education Public and Compulsory Schooling; Uniformity or Diversity?; Burdens and Subsidies; Higher Education

Chapter 8: Welfare and the Welfare State Why the Welfare Crisis?; Burdens and Subsidies of the Welfare State; What Can Government Do?; The Negative Income Tax

Chapter 9: Inflation and the Business Cycle: The Collapse of the Keynesian Paradigm Introduction; Money and Inflation; The Federal Reserve and Fractional Reserve Banking; Bank Credit and the Business Cycle

Chapter 10: The Public Sector, I: Government in Business

Chapter 11: The Public Sector, II: Streets and Roads Protecting the Streets; Street Rules; Pricing Streets and Roads

Chapter 12: The Public Sector, III: Police, Law, and the Courts Police Protection; The Courts; The Law and the Courts; Outlaw Protectors; National Defense

Chapter 13: Conservation, Ecology, and Growth Liberal Complaints;The Attack on Technology and Growth; Conservation of Resources; Pollution

Chapter 14: War and Foreign Policy “Isolationism” Left and Right; Limiting Government; American Foreign Policy;Isolationist Criticisms; War as the Health of the State; Soviet Foreign Policy; Avoiding A Priori History; A Foreign Policy Program; Disarmament

Part III: Epilogue

Chapter 15: A Strategy for Liberty Education: Theory and Movement; Are We “Utopians”?; Is Education Enough?; Which Groups?; Why Liberty Will Win; Toward a Free America 

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