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South Africa Today

I subscribe to South Africa Today, a daily news source. I offer this as a typical day–a preview of coming attractions in your town or city. — jtl, 419 Tourism and law and order in South Africa So this then … Continue reading

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Apartheid South Africa: Reality vs. libertarian fantasy

by Ilana Mercer via WND One needn’t propagate lies about the state-enforced segregation that was Apartheid in order to condemn it. Yet in defiance of fact, one prominent libertarian economist has gone so far as to assert that apartheid was … Continue reading

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Reagan Was Right on South Africa

The morons that advocate “economic sanctions” do not realize (or more likely, choose to ignore) that they hurt the weak, vulnerable and innocent but do very little damage to the ruling class. The guys with the guns will ALWAYS eat. … Continue reading

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Terrorist Vs. Freedom Fighter

  Anyone who would compare the ANC with potential FreeFor action against the Regime when this fracas kicks off, I remind you of this. And just because they may target innocents, does not mean that you need to. I saw … Continue reading

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Let’s Do A Tour Around The World

For those of you looking for a way to Get the Hell Out of Dodge. — jtl, 419 By Doug Casey via The International Man EUROPE From at least the 1600s, Europe could claim to be the center of world … Continue reading

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