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It’s Open Season on the Tech Elite

Unfortunately for the suits in Silicon Valley, ISIS isn’t as much of a pushover as al Qaeda was. They have mass and momentum and they are smart enough to understand the role of the Internet in this struggle. John Robb … Continue reading

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Terrorist Baloney

Al-Qaida Just won’t Go Away By Eric Margolis via LewRockwell.com How did al-Qaida, a tiny anti-Communist group in Afghanistan that had no more than 200 active members in 2001 become a supposed worldwide threat? FOLLOW FLYOVER PRESS ON FACEBOOK How can … Continue reading

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News Flash: Obama Doesn’t Work for You

“You’ve been told all your life — in junior high civics class, at your local church, on the nightly news —  that politicians and soldiers work for you. You’ve been told that their job is to defend the United States, … Continue reading

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Manning Show Trial Exposes the Fraud of Representative Democracy

via Center for a Stateless Society Major Ashlend Fein, US Army prosecutor in Bradley Manning’s court martial, caught my attention when he referred to Manning as an “anarchist” in closing arguments. As an anarchist, I’d be proud to share that … Continue reading

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Is Obama Starting A War With Syria Just To Distract Us From All The Scandals?

    Well now, come on, really. Does it surprise anybody that they found an excuse that they expect the mouth breathers to buy off on for starting another senseless war? — jtl, 419  by Michael via The Economic Collapse … Continue reading

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Only an Incipient ‘Terrorist’ Denounces State Murder

by William Norman Grigg via LewRockwell.com According to the SPLC, the people in the burning building were the “terrorists.” “There are, in increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat,” warns an unusually strident house … Continue reading

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The War Propaganda Continues

…they actually view the U.S. government as a tyrannical foreign invader and occupier (which it has been). And so how do you think Americans would view them if the situation was reversed? — jtl, 419 by Scott Lazarowitz of  Reason and … Continue reading

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Three Profits of the Anti-Christ

The word “prophet” in popular modern usage means someone who can divine the future. But the word comes from the Greek word profetes which literally means “advocate” or someone who speaks for someone else. In legend and myth, prophets spoke … Continue reading

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Executioner in Chief: How a Nobel Peace Prize Winner Became the Head of a Worldwide Assassination Program

By John W. Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute “Much of our foreign policy now depends on the hope of benevolent dictators and philosopher kings. The law can’t help. The law is what the kings say it is.”—Ta-Nehisi Coates, writing for … Continue reading

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By Any Measure, the U.S. Is the Largest Sponsor of Terror

Need I remind you of the difference in the defiitions of “patriots” and “nationalists?” They are not the same thing. A patriot is someone who loves his country, its land, its people, its culture, language, art, music and heritage. A natonalist … Continue reading

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