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Hamilton Liar

That is the real story of America, but every school child is fed the opposite narrative from the time they enter kindergarten as a little mind of mush. Uncle Sam knows how to indoctrinate kids   Suggested further reading: Hamilton’s … Continue reading

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America’s Hamiltonian Empire of Lies

 If you haven’t read Tom DiLorenzo’s “Hamilton’s Curse” you should. Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution–and What It Means for Americans Today By Thomas DiLorenzo via LewRockwell.com   In his essay, “Anatomy of the State,” Murray Rothbard … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln and the Federal Reserve System: A Forgotten Connection

Indeed we are currently living under what Tom DiLorenzo calls “Hamilton’s Curse.” His book by that same title is highly recommended. — jtl, 419 Gary North via Gary North’s Specific Answers There are people who say that Abraham Lincoln opposed … Continue reading

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Presidential War Powers: The Constitutional Answer

by Tom Woods via Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom There’s a lot of confusion, on right and left alike, regarding the president’s war powers under the Constitution. Here’s an overview of the most common claims on behalf of such powers, along … Continue reading

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