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2013: One Era Ends, Another Begins

  …2013 …brought a final, crashing end to the era in which the politicians still believed they could keep secrets from the people… (and) the people started understanding that they can (and should) keep secrets from the politicians. via Center … Continue reading

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TWITTER WAGES WAR AGAINST PHIL ROBERTSON: Twitter BLOCKS Users from Linking to Pro-Phil Robertson Website

By Girls Just Want to Have Guns  Twitter has blocked users from linking to a website supporting Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after his scathing remarks about homosexuality last week. The site iStandwithPhil.com has been flagged, which means tweets containing links … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty vs. A&E: Money vs. Principle

  “It’s the cultural gunfight at the OK (or Not) Corral.” Indeed it is. And, as Clint Smith used to say about gun fights, “Always cheat. Always win.” There is no such thing as a “second place winner” in a … Continue reading

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Recent updates from the wonderful world of White Girl Bleed a Lot

Here are some recent updates from the wonderful world of White Girl Bleed a Lot. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. Colin Flaherty 619-379-6156 New: Two more letters. Two more victims. Want to call it Knockout? Go ahead. … Continue reading

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Jesus Is an Anarchist

This is a tad long but excellent reading for a cold winter weekend in front of the fireplace. — jtl, 419 (A free-market/libertarian anarchist, that is–otherwise what is called an anarcho-capitalist.) by James Redford via Anti-State.com The above title may seem like … Continue reading

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SOME GUERRILLA SNIPER POINTS – via Suarez International 1). Firing Position Overload (FPO): The sniper fires from an area with many potential firing positions adjacent to his position, as well as in front of it. For example, a building with … Continue reading

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by Brent Yamamoto – Suarez International Instructor A few years back I helped set up a film shoot of my Aikido/Sword instructor Koichi Kashiwaya. He is one of the few people that I consider to have mastered this martial art…and … Continue reading

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Mountain Man Arrested In Courtroom, Gets the Last Word Again

by Heather Callaghan via Activist Post Mountain natural living man, Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, of Manhattan, Montana made a lasting impression on the Internet with his stalwart defense of sovereignty in an epic courtroom appearance we wrote about here. In this November … Continue reading

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Jack Booted Governmet Thug Watch

Nowadays, crimes like this occur multiple times on a daily basis. And, believe it or not, there are still spittle chins out there who are willing to make excuses for the costumed thugs. Gas chambers are not far behind. — jtl, … Continue reading

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3rd target of body cavity searches comes forward

New case involves another New Mexico law enforcement  agency. NM woman comes forward with illegal probing claims http://www.kob.com/article/11687/?vid=4625727&v=1 Created: 11/07/2013 10:29 PM By: Chris Ramirez, KOB Eyewitness News 4 It may be hard to believe that this could happen to … Continue reading

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