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Lies My History Teacher Told Me.

My high school history teachers all seemed to be ex-jocks who weren’t athletically talented enough to make it to the majors. The main chance for them to continue playing games for pay was to join the teaching profession and coach … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter and the Manufacture of Pedophilia

 As so often happens when I read of Mexico in the American press, I see little resemblance to the country I  live in. Americans always have been some of the most insular people on earth. Does anybody remember the old … Continue reading

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  It is obvious to anyone with an IQ of anywhere close to a rock that Donald Trump is a Bozo. But…I do love the way he is making the republicrats self-flagelate. Great entertainment! He was also spot on when … Continue reading

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The “Why” they attack the flag

Like the poet said, “”The Gray Riders are gone, yet they remain asleep  in Our Soil, and alive in Our Veins! Untouched by fire, untouched by  frost, they whisper within us — OUR CAUSE IS NOT LOST!”… And this is … Continue reading

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A Coming Era of Civil Disobedience?

A secession of the heart has already taken place in America, and a secession, not of states, but of people from one another, caused by divisions on social, moral, cultural, and political views and values, is taking place. Indeed it … Continue reading

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Stop the Gun Grabbers

…the Constitution’s framers gave us the Second Amendment to protect our rights to go deer and duck hunting, do a bit of skeet shooting, and protect ourselves against criminals. That this vision is so widely held reflects the failure of … Continue reading

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Racist Thug Guns Down Three in Atlanta

Racist Thug Guns Down Three in Atlanta by DailyKenn.com Commentary by Craig Maus, President, The Confederate Society of America   The Double-Standard is as appalling as it is Obvious. As such, the Hypocrisy that is akin to it allows for … Continue reading

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Yankee supremacists trash South’s heroes

Most Southerners, however, were not slaveholders. All Southerners were sovereigntists, fighting a “War for Southern Independence.” They rejected central coercion. Southerners believed a union that was entered voluntarily could be exited in the same way. As even establishment historian Paul … Continue reading

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Legalize Drugs, Abolish Prison, Give Everyone a Gun

…More Guns Less Crime author John Lott… backed up Bill Whittle’s claim that the remarkably gun-heavy Plano, Texas has pretty much the lowest crime rate in the world (0.4 homicides per 100,000). Do you think the gun grabbing mouth breathers … Continue reading

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10 Pictures That Show How America Is Becoming A Lot Like Nazi Germany

 At the heart of Nazism was a desire to control everyone and everything, and that is exactly what we are seeing in America today.  Most of our “leaders” are psychotic control freaks that want to micromanage every aspect of our … Continue reading

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