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Pajama Boy: The War on Manly Courage

This is not about Pajama Boy’s low T problem, but rather the war on manly courage in our culture today. Manly courage has little to do with hunting and collecting guns, but as Alexis de Tocqueville described it in “Democracy … Continue reading

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No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

by Lysander Spooner via LewRockwell.com I. The Constitution has no inherent authority or obligation. It has no authority or obligation at all, unless as a contract between man and man. And it does not so much as even purport to … Continue reading

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10 Obamacare Horror Stories That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

It would be very easy for me to write this off and ignore it (I have a very good retirement package that O-bomber care didn’t impact too awfully much–at least so far.) But, look at this and use your best … Continue reading

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Which America Do You Live In? – 21 Hard To Believe Facts About “Wealthy America” And “Poor America”

Did you know that… 65 percent of all American workers make less than $40,000 a year before taxes… (and) the average federal employee living in the Washington D.C. area received total compensation worth more than $126,000. Ho hum, just another … Continue reading

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10 Lessons from the Government Shutdown

Eric Blair via Activist Post Thank God the government shutdown crisis is over. Not because it averted economic catastrophe, that’s still coming, but because the phony narrative was destructive. It dragged even the most open-minded people into a designated political camp. … Continue reading

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The Truth About Neoconservatism

The sad thing is how many good people there are out there who have been “neo-conned.” — jtl, 419 By Ron Paul via LewRockwell.com The modern-day, limited-government movement has been co-opted. The conservatives have failed in their effort to shrink the … Continue reading

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Export Tariffs: Are They America’s Last, Best Hope?

It has been accurately said that, if the American economy was the 7th Wonder of the World, then American economic ignorance has to be the 8th. And, international trade, protectionism (formerly called mercantilism when the British were doing it to … Continue reading

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Libertarians vs Conservatives on Guns

by Mark R. Crovelli via LewRockwell.com Few issues highlight the gaping philosophical divide between libertarians and modern conservatives more starkly than the issue of guns. This might seem counterintuitive, because libertarians and modern conservatives often stand shoulder to shoulder against … Continue reading

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Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt: 10 Hilarious Examples Of How Clueless Our Leaders Are About The Economy

via Economic Collapse They didn’t see it coming last time either.  Back in 2007, President Bush, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and just about every prominent voice in the financial world were all predicting that we would experience tremendous economic … Continue reading

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Private Prisons: The More Americans They Put Behind Bars The More Money They Make

By Michael via The Economic Collapse How would you describe an industry that wants to put more Americans in prison and keep them there longer so that it can make more money?  In America today, approximately 130,000 people are locked … Continue reading

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