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A Computerized, Desktop Metal Fabricator for $1,400. DIY Guns? Yes, Sir.

For those of you who are not hard-core gun nuts and may not know: Only a part of any gun is a “controlled item” (the part that the manufacturer must keep a record of and what is actually signed for … Continue reading

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Decorated Vet Arrested After ‘Rudely Displaying’ His Rifle — and Says Officer Pulled Gun on Him in Front of Boy Scouts

by Erica Ritz via The Blaze   Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham was on a ten-mile Boy Scout hike with his son in Texas when he was arrested and accused of “rudely displaying” his firearm.  Knowing there are wild boars, coyotes, … Continue reading

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Libertarians vs Conservatives on Guns

by Mark R. Crovelli via LewRockwell.com Few issues highlight the gaping philosophical divide between libertarians and modern conservatives more starkly than the issue of guns. This might seem counterintuitive, because libertarians and modern conservatives often stand shoulder to shoulder against … Continue reading

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Rise of the Female Gun Nut

By Girls Just Wanna Have Guns When Niki Jones, a longtime New Yorker relocated to Austin, Texas, needed a group to practice using her new concealed-carry weapon with, she was shocked that she couldn’t find a woman-friendly league. So in … Continue reading

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Ammo Out of Stock? Maybe not

by David Higginbotham via Guns.com  Ammunition is scarce.  As the gun debate heated up in December of last year (that seems like such a long time ago), ammo began selling at unheard of rates.  It didn’t take long. And it … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry About Your Guns: There Is Nothing Left To Defend

The best points are always the ones that are the hardest to swallow. — jtl, 419 by Jim Karger via The Dollar Vigilante Blog “And, to you tough-talking Neo-Cons with your AR-15 rifles and a few thousand rounds of ammo, here … Continue reading

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America’s Coming Gun War

 — the elites have lost the argument with the audience that counts. From the: Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website By Patrick J. Buchanan Eight days after the massacre of 20 first-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary, where each child was shot … Continue reading

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