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There is some really good stuff here. — jtl, 419 by Tom Woods via LewRockwell.com The growing number of secession movements around the world gives rise to our topic: breaking away from current government structures that do so much harm … Continue reading

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Look what I got! They won’t let us fly it so I thought I’d just wear it.

       FOLLOW FLYOVER PRESS ON FACEBOOK Check out our WebSite Check out our e-Store The Essence of Liberty Volume II: The Economics of Liberty Volume II will introduce the reader to the fundamental principles of the Austrian School of Economics. … Continue reading

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The Emergence of Orwellian Newspeak and the Death of Free Speech

Orwell was an optimist. jtl, 419 By John Whitehead How do you change the way people think? You start by changing the words they use. In totalitarian regimes – a.k.a. police states – where conformity and compliance are enforced at … Continue reading

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New Media Vs. Old Media Who’s Winning The War For Your Mind?

I’ve never been a great fan of Alex Jones but I do like the way he connects the dots here. — Combat veterans – Veterans – libertarians (and radical libertarians aka Anarcho-Capitalists) – conservatives (true conservatives, not neo-cons)- Christians (true … Continue reading

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Fight Classroom Idiocracy With The Literary Canon

The simple solution would be to disband publically funded education. Education is much too important to be trusted to government. Besides, it is a parental responsibility and not the State’s. And BTW, I highly recommend Illiana’s “Into the Canabals Pot” — a … Continue reading

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ALLAH IN THE HOUSE: Imam Gives Opening Islamic Prayer In The House of Representatives

But we can’t pray in school. This is very much a part of the culture war we are fighting–probably the most critical war in the history of man.  Listen up people. Had it not been for the Western European male (and … Continue reading

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Who Are the Real Anarchists?

by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Daily Those interested in anarchist thought should be sure to sign up for David Gordon’s Mises Academy course, History of Anarchist Thought, beginning next Tuesday, September 17. Register here. Few political ideologies are as … Continue reading

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