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LA Notes: Latinos, Rockets, and…Ava!

 Anyway, profound anthropological observations: Anglos (which here means all whites) and Latinos get along well, apparently without much noticing that they are Latinos and Anglos. Browns work in stores, restaurants, drive cabs and trucks and do the ordinary things of … Continue reading

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Great Parents?

I have never met Lynn Bloxham in person but over the past few months we have become good cyber friends and confidants. She has done a lot for me with regard to the promotion of my book: The Betrayed: On … Continue reading

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Updates on White Girl Bleed a Lot

Here are some recent updates from the wonderful world of White Girl Bleed a Lot. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. Colin Flaherty 619-379-6156 New: The new face of racism. New: The new face of racism. The new … Continue reading

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Making the Victim Pay for the Bullet

via Pro Libertate  In overtly totalitarian countries, families of condemned state enemies are often required to pay for the bullets used to execute their loved ones. Two recent federal court rulings indicate that a very similar custom has taken root … Continue reading

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If One More Person Asks Me “Who Will Build The Roads?”…

Governments suck at everything. At least everything worthwhile. Theft, pandering, intimidation, spying, kidnapping, brutality, mass murder and mass destruction…those things governments have down pat. In these realms they can’t be beat. But when it comes to things people actually want…well, … Continue reading

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California Senate Passes Bill Requiring Permit to Buy Ammo

Well, whadaya expect from a bunch of prune picking commies? — jtl, 419 Stephen Green PJ Media via Infowars Once again, Sacramento proves that to go really over-the-top, you’ve got to go to Democrat California: The California Senate this week approved … Continue reading

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Semi-Automatic Rifles Reporting Mandated in Border States

Why were we not told about this? I know…stupid question. — jtl, 419 by Gary North   “North of the border, down Mexico way.” The Obama Administration now requires gun dealers in states bordering on Mexico to report anyone who buys … Continue reading

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The Heretic at Heritage

For a detailed and extensive statistical analysis, read The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by Richard J. Herrnstein  and Charles Murray – jtl, 419 By Patrick J. Buchanan via the Patrick J Buchanan Official Web Site     … Continue reading

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When the Government Goes Bankrupt

by Andrew P. Napolitano via LewRockwell.com Recently by Andrew P. Napolitano: Hope for the Dead What happens when the government goes bankrupt? This question is one that sounds like a hypothetical exercise in a law school classroom from just a … Continue reading

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71st Anniversary: Roosevelt’s Concentration Camps

Written by Gary North via the Tea Party Economist On April 1, 1942, California announced the order for the arrest and  deportation of Japanese citizens in California. They were sent into internment  camps — read: concentration camps in Idaho. Here … Continue reading

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