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YouTube Terminated Our Channel Without Warning

Please help Activist Post rebuild on censorship-proof platforms like Bitchute, DTube, and Steemit by following the links and subscribing. Thanks for your commitment to liberty. — jtl, 419 via Activist Post A couple of weeks ago we found our YouTube channel completely … Continue reading

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Welcome to Our Global Censorship and Surveillance Platform

Facebook has ~7,500 (largely low paid subcontractors) reading posts and (private) messages to find and delete content they deem objectionable and ban the people who post it.  However, these folks are just temporary employees.  The real goal is to build … Continue reading

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Censorship at Facebook

Was there any doubt in anybody’s mind about which side of this raging Culture War Facebook is on? Here is a sequence of nasty grams I had waiting for me when I logged on this afternoon. Please feel free to … Continue reading

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Dear Internet: Is is time to break up?

Internet, despite your brilliant potential, you’ve eliminated thoughtful discourse and persuaded billions of people that 140 characters of snark is an adequate substitute… The wondrous ability to enable small voices to be heard has morphed into the endless clamor of … Continue reading

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Cometh the Censor: Birth of What Will Prove a Short Siege

I am hard pressed to think of a society in such internal decline that has turned itself around, and I cannot imagine how ours might do so. One sure thing is that, once the internet is gelded, there will be … Continue reading

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