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WikiLeaks Release Confirms What “Conspiracy Theorists” Have Known For Years

 Notice the ability to leave behind “fingerprints” after committing a cyberattack. This essentially means that the CIA can commit cyberattacks, leave behind “evidence” that the attack was committed by a foreign power, and subsequently claim that the foreign power is … Continue reading

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Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror

It’s a land of violent busybodies and submissive sheep. – Gary Gibson The sheep like flag waivers need to consider this carefully. Then, maybe the wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the latest bandwagon for sending their children to … Continue reading

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Fifteen Benefits of the War on Drugs

by Kevin Carson via Center for a Stateless Society With American drug use levels essentially the same as — and levels of drug-related violence either the same as or lower than — those in countries like the Netherlands with liberal drug … Continue reading

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The View from Abroad: The World is not Billy Bob’s Rib Pit

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everyghing TSA I bet this won’t surprise you.        The United  States is the most hated country in the world, followed closely by Israel, and  then by nobody. Why? Why not Ecuador? China? Russia? East … Continue reading

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Comrade, Whilst Thou Return To Thy Motherland?

Years ago I knew an old cowboy-rancher that had emigrated to Mexico and was always bitching about it. He called it the “land of blanketed thieves, hooded whores and sandal wearing sons-a-bitches.” But then when you asked him, “John, when … Continue reading

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Intelligence Analysis: How Dangerous Is Citizen Dataveillance

These vast collectors of information don’t want to be fed, they want to hunt. by Bill Rounds Esq. on July 25, 2010 from How to Vanish I have been fascinated recently with the Washington Post intelligence analysis by William Arkin … Continue reading

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LewRockwell.com Today

The American Stasi Is Out of Control Welcome to the US of East Germany. Article by Andrew Napolitano. Revisionism Is Fun That is, refuting establishment lies about history, says John Denson. Government Parasite Threatens To Shoot Dissidents Who disagree with … Continue reading

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