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Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission

 If everyone ignored the petty, idiotic rules the government couldn’t possibly enforce them. Widespread civil disobedience would overwhelm the system, letting us “pour sugar into the gas tank of the government.”   That sounds like something that my buddies in … Continue reading

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Regulation Run Amok—And How to Fight Back

Too many government regulations today are pointless and prevent us from doing our jobs as well as we could, writes Charles Murray. His modest proposal: Ignore them. My Ancap colleagues will be quick to point out that Murray is a … Continue reading

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Diversity — or Meritocracy?

…(Herrnstein) demonstrates that heredity, rather than environment, determines intelligence…He wrote “I.Q. and Meritocracy” in 1973, and in 1994 co-authored with Charles Murray the hugely controversial “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.”   Arthur Jensen was a … Continue reading

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