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And to the communists among us, a warning. No matter what you do, think, or accomplish. At some point the answer will be clear from those of us who know what communism is and leads to. Never again. I think … Continue reading

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This genius gloated about Venezuela’s successes; this didn’t age well

A policy of keeping warm by setting your furniture on fire also has a certain effectiveness for a little while. Yep, it is the Communists’ way! — jtl, 419 Received from Tom Woods via THE WESTERNER You foolish libertarians: Venezuela … Continue reading

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DEAR GARETT ROSS: An Open Letter to a Grandson

First Published on January 10, 2013 by Land & Livestock Interntional, Inc.  The situation is incredibly worse today than it was then and the grandson is already grown and a man of his own. Thus I decided it merited being … Continue reading

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Trump’s vow to prevent socialism comes 150 years too late

I’ve often wondered if “the greatest generation” would have so willingly bled and died in the European war had they known Franklin Delano Roosevelt had already ceded half of Europe to Stalin… America’s government is republican in name only. The … Continue reading

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Still Fighting the Last War Against Socialism

Millions of young people across America and the West consider socialism a viable and even noble approach to organizing society, literally unaware of the piles of bodies various socialist governments produced in the 20th century… How is this possible, even as markets and … Continue reading

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Antifa’s Red Army Is Orchestrating A Communist Revolution

If you think it can’t happen in America, just look at who is funding these anti-American mobs bent on the destruction of America’s Constitution, her culture and way of life.  She is under siege by a group of masked, black-clad protesters … Continue reading

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Socialism Comes at the Cost of Individual Freedom

…the UK has guaranteed universal healthcare… but how did that go for Alfie Evans? … Is this what healthcare as a “right” looks like? Right to ACCESS would not have prohibited that boy from getting the care he was offered … Continue reading

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How ‘Democracy’ hides American fascism

Our 2018 fascism is so advanced over Nazi Germany and fascist Italy of World War II that our system actually appears benevolent… How could this happen? The answer is reverse semantics. Every writer and every commentator in America refers to … Continue reading

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American communism

These planks are all supported by the major political parties and their politicians. Yep, not a dime’s worth. We are all slaves. Read on and you will become a believer before you finish the article. There are only two things … Continue reading

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The Desire For Total Control

Is taking over the Communications Commission what the Marxists are doing by forcing local radio and television stations to be controlled by the “already fake news” outlets? Did you ever wonder? How can any country claim to have freedom of … Continue reading

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