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Neoliberalism: Breaking Your Legs and Taking Your Crutches

Across the country, occupational licensing laws raise prices for consumers and prevent workers from pursuing self-employment. Cities across the country have shut down hair braiders, food trucks, and other small businesses frequently founded by members of economically vulnerable groups. In … Continue reading

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A devastating result of sequestration

by Franklin Sanders via Daily Comentary at The Moneychanger I am so thankful that we own the best congress money can buy. Well, somebody owns it. But one alert Congress-thing, Maxine Waters of California, alerted the entire country with a devastating … Continue reading

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Which New War To Fight?

by Eric Margolis via LewRockwell.com Recently by Eric Margolis: Hysteria Over Kim’s Nukes In the colorful, pithy Scottish language, there’s a delightful expression, “greet an’ gurn.” Which means to loudly moan and groan. That’s what’s happened this week across the United … Continue reading

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