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Watch as Cops Detain Entire Bar, Seal Off All Exits, Force EVERYONE to Submit to Record Check

…there was no crime and no one had been suspected of committing a crime… Despite these facts, more than a dozen officers raided this peaceful establishment … blocked all the exits and the rights-violating process began. Aren’t we the luckiest … Continue reading

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Revolution After The Twelfth

With the adoption of the second 13th Amendment, Congress began to usurp the rights of the states and began to exercise unconstitutional power to enforce “appropriate legislation” to back up its new national decrees. This was, in essence, the beginning … Continue reading

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Trump’s legal authority to do what he is about to do: US Code regarding suspension of entry or imposition of restriction by President

“…the “original” (Constitution is) in the Smithsonian. Go read it and see how the “original” language was changed compared to the counterfeit we have now…which would have never been LEGALLY ratified by our Founders.” The Yankee bastards just thought we … Continue reading

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Copy Lincoln

The failure to respect Ullah’s rights because he has said he was inspired by a foreign power would commence a slippery and horrific slope, down which any person who is hated or feared or appears foreign or different or misunderstood … Continue reading

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Smart Devices Are Snitching on Owners and Rewriting the Criminal Justice System

…we saw a police narrative emerge that a crime had been prevented by a home’s smart system. A domestic dispute resulted in Eduardo Barros allegedly wielding a firearm against his girlfriend and threatening to kill her. However, during the argument … Continue reading

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Thumb Your Nose at Usurping Judges

If President Trump were to begin defying the left-wing lawereaucracy, beginning with the absurd and ridiculously –worded ruling by Obama’s Hawaiian pal, he would be in sync with the man he looks up to as his presidential role model, Andrew … Continue reading

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Satan on the city council, thanks to the Constitution

I think Christian Americans have fooled themselves into thinking that the Constitution is a document that protects the inherent values of Christianity, the values that birthed the idea of man’s sovereign freedom, without noticing that the Constitution itself pays no … Continue reading

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Article V of the Constitution

  As one would imagine, running a blog involves hearing a wide variety of responses, opinions and suggestions to and about what needs to be done about the mess we find ourselves in.  Some of them are pretty good and … Continue reading

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Where’s the Outrage?

When the president violates the Constitution and the Congress and courts do nothing to stop him, we have effectively amended the Constitution with a wink and a nod — by consent, if you will. Its guarantees of liberty are only … Continue reading

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On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution

…the Constitution, rather than being a legitimate source of pride, represents a fateful error… According to Mises and Rothbard, once there is no longer free entry into the business of the production of protection and adjudication, the price of protection and … Continue reading

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