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Article V of the Constitution

  As one would imagine, running a blog involves hearing a wide variety of responses, opinions and suggestions to and about what needs to be done about the mess we find ourselves in.  Some of them are pretty good and … Continue reading

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“Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina”

 America was launched on this path 150 years ago by Lincoln’s War of Aggression. We are now at the point of no return. Think secession! (right down to the individual household level). — jtl, 419       FOLLOW FLYOVER PRESS … Continue reading

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Slouching Toward Extinction

“[The] conservative keeps repeating the litany that the central government should be severely limited by a constitution. Yet, at the same time that he rails against the corruption of the original Constitution and the widening of federal power since 1789, … Continue reading

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Judicial ‘sappers and miners’ undermined the constitutional fabric of the nation

The elites have used gradualism to slowly deprive Americans of their rights one by one and bit by bit. It will take 238 years or more to return the same freedom to Americans they had at the founding of the … Continue reading

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ALLAH IN THE HOUSE: Imam Gives Opening Islamic Prayer In The House of Representatives

But we can’t pray in school. This is very much a part of the culture war we are fighting–probably the most critical war in the history of man.  Listen up people. Had it not been for the Western European male (and … Continue reading

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Constitutionally Limited Government

If you know anyone who still puts his faith in the Constitution, send him/her this video. It is a very important little history lesson–along the lines of something you never learned at the Mandatory Government Propaganda camp. The Revolution Continues … Continue reading

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