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Black Progression and Retrogression

By Walter E. Williams from Creators Syndicate via LewRockwell.com There is no question, though it’s not acknowledged enough, that black Americans have made greater gains, over some of the highest hurdles and in a very short span of time, than … Continue reading

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Should Profiling Be Banned?

I always taught my clients at Options for Homeland Defense to profile un-apologetically. If you don’t profile on the mean streets (and they are all mean nowadays) you are a idiot looking for a place to commit suicide. — jtl, 419 … Continue reading

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Price Versus Cost

by Walter E. Williams via LewRockwell.com Suppose you buy a gallon of gas for $3. How much did it cost you? You say, “Williams, that’s a silly question. It cost $3.” That’s where you’re mistaken, because there’s a difference between … Continue reading

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Fake FBI Terror Plots: Andrew Napolitano on some earlier examples

So somebody please tell me, who is the enemy here? Recently by Andrew P. Napolitano: Boston and Freedom April 26, 2013 Andrew P. Napolitano [send him mail], a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior … Continue reading

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