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Lost in Translation: The Rolling Stones in Cuba

   by Gary North via Gary North’s Specific Answers. On Tuesday, March 22, President Obama was in Cuba, the first President to visit Cuba in 90 years. On Friday, the Rolling Stones became the first famous Western rock & roll … Continue reading

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Adios Cuba!

The not so funny thing is that I feel much the same way about my beloved Trans-Pecos Texas. As I sit helplessly by and watch the invasion of fags, artists, burnt out 60 model hippies and various and sundry other … Continue reading

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Cuba, Pseudo-Cubes, and the Embargo

You can always tell how hard old Fred has been hitting the Padre Kino Red by the number of typos. But that doesn’t make him any less entertaining.  Again, though, I want to know how come nobody is talking about … Continue reading

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Mojitos in Havana?

OK,OK, as the Lord and anybody that has hung around for a day or two knows, I am a radical libertarian and passionate believer in the division of labor, free markets and voluntary exchange. But… Having been “of” that generation … Continue reading

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These False Flags Were Used To Start A War

And these are just the “false flag” operations. They don’t include the lies and deceptions used to start wars. For example, how FDR turned the 6th Fleet (on a collision course with the Japanese attack force) around and sent them … Continue reading

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Export Tariffs: Are They America’s Last, Best Hope?

It has been accurately said that, if the American economy was the 7th Wonder of the World, then American economic ignorance has to be the 8th. And, international trade, protectionism (formerly called mercantilism when the British were doing it to … Continue reading

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