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The Significance of 419

Newcomers to FlyoverPress.com frequently ask why I always end my signature line with “419.” Therefore I make it a point to explain on this day every year. 419 stands for April 19th—a date upon which occurred several important events associated … Continue reading

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Why Do Southerners Continue to Finance the Destruction of Their Children and Culture?

…a friend in Georgia who has been part of the Southern Movement and happened to have a Confederate flag in his garage. One day his grandson came over and asked him why he had that “racist” flag in his garage. … Continue reading

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Is The Seed Of The Serpent A Cultural Marxist?

 No one bothered to ask what the Communist definition of “peace” was. They all thought that it was the same as ours. But if you take the trouble to study, even a little, about how the Marxists use language, you … Continue reading

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