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Respecting All Cultures: ByAllowing Them to Remain Separate

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everyghing Americans have prided themselves on America´s being a melting for so long that few notice that it isn´t. Cultures that could melt did, and those that couldn´t haven´t. We tend to regard categories … Continue reading

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5-year old girl labeled ‘terrorist’ in American police state

by Simon Black via The Soverign Man Last week in the Land of the Free, a five-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was labeled a terrorist threat. Fortunately for the citizens of Northumberland County, local authorities managed to detain this nefarious kindergartener before … Continue reading

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Texas 6th graders design flags for a new socialist nation

If you have children, get them to hell out of these awful places. — jtl, 419 Via Girls Just Wanna Have Guns AUSTIN – You know America’s changing when leftists have even infiltrated Texas schools. According to the website txcscopereview.com, … Continue reading

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