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Moral Values and Customs

Unfortunately, customs, traditions and moral values have been discarded without an appreciation for the role they played in creating a civilized society, and now we’re paying the price — and that includes the recent revelations regarding the treatment of women. … Continue reading

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The Place of Christianity in History: A View from Without

 We live under a sort or Disneyland Marxism and descend ever deeper into complacent ignorance. It has been said that: “Were it not for the white, anglo-saxon, Christian male of Western European origin, the world would still be digging tubers … Continue reading

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Officially declaring war on y’all!”

THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING!!!! President Barack Obama was in the Oval Office when his telephone rang. “Hello, President Obama” a heavily accented southern voice said. “This is Archie, down here at Joe’s Catfish Shack, in Mobile, and I am … Continue reading

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The Cultural Abyss

Western culture… cannot be explained without understanding the impact that Christianity has had; of course, there was Greece and Rome before, and there were valuable contributions made by Muslim and Eastern thinkers, scholars, scientists and philosophers.  But the basic story … Continue reading

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How Did Christmas Become A Festival Of Greed?

  As a Christian, I never knew any of the history behind Christmas when I was growing up.  So I could never explain the reasons for why I was doing the things that I was doing to others…And no holiday … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism: Good or Bad for America?

This agenda is based on the notion that we are a more stable, prosperous society because we embrace diversity, toleration and acceptance of anything and everything… But is this true? Absolutely not! Anyone with a lick of sense can see … Continue reading

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Surrender in the Culture Wars. It All Over, Don´t it?

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything How the hell did it happen? I lived, 1951 to 1956, aged six to eleven, in the Arlington suburbs of Washington and, ´56 to´57, in smalltown Athens, Alabama, and eighth grade through high … Continue reading

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