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Cash After the Collapse: How To Make Moonshine

One of the most popular shtf currencies many have invested in is gold and silver. While these are the currencies of kings, many believe it may not be the only form of currency in a shtf scenario to prepare for. … Continue reading

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The Principle of Sound Money

via Mises Daily: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by Thorsten Polleit   In 1912, Ludwig von Mises wrote,   “[T]he sound-money principle has two aspects. It is affirmative in approving the market’s choice of a commonly used medium of exchange. It is negative … Continue reading

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The Money-ness of Bitcoins

by Nikolay Gertchev via the Mises Daily Bitcoins have been much in the news lately. Against the background of renewed concerns about the integrity of the euro zone and the imposition of capital controls in Cyprus, the price of a … Continue reading

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