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The Truth Is a Problem for Dems

Kanye West is not saying anything different from what Dr. Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Jason Riley, I and other black libertarians/conservatives have been saying for decades. In fact, West has tweeted quotations from Sowell, such as “Socialism in general has … Continue reading

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Dems Scramble Like Rats on a Sinking Ship

As you read this, keep the “Culture War” in mind. Then come back and try to tell me that, when the day of reckoning finally arrives, things are not going to get really nasty. Hope for the best, prepare for … Continue reading

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50 Predictions For 2013

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 04:30 PM PST at The Economic Collapse Are you ready for a wild 2013? It should be a very interesting year. When the calendar flips over each January, lots of people make lots of lists. They … Continue reading

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