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“Chuckie” Schumer Should Just Butt Out!

“So I can only think of two possibilities. If Schumer and the rest of the fringe Left know something we don’t, then we are in real trouble and the country is gone, but no one has told us yet. On … Continue reading

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Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Fired for Revealing Obama-British Intel Spying on Trump

Former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano, considered one of the great legal minds in the United States, claims that Trump’s accusations of being wiretapped during his victorious campaign were correct. To my knowledge, all of the “investigations” have been of (and conducted by) … Continue reading

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Ron Paul: 2nd Financial Bubble To Burst Soon

By all appearances notes SHTFPlan.com’s Mac Slavo, President Trump is doing his damnedest to turn around the economy, revitalize jobs and bring back prosperity. But the larger trends are already in place; the cycle is turning, and the bust cannot … Continue reading

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Never Apologize, Donald

These Republicans seem to believe that, if or when Trump goes down, this whole unfortunate affair will be over, and they can go back to business as usual…Sorry, but there is no going back.   Let us hope so. It … Continue reading

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Interesting Trump Video Dating back to 1986

As an An-Cap, I do not intend to come across as being a Trump supporter. I don’t “like” Trump any more than I “like” any of the other thieves and murderers. But I do LOVE the way he makes the … Continue reading

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Trump and the La Raza Judge

 Apparently, it is now not only politically incorrect, but, in Newt Gingrich’s term, “inexcusable,” to bring up the religious, racial or ethnic background of a judge, or suggest this might influence his actions on the bench  All a part of … Continue reading

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When Excess Is A Virtue

…it’s good news that Donald Trump is doing so well in the American political primaries. He is vulgar, abusive, nasty, rude, boorish and outrageous. He is also saying what he thinks and, more important, teaching Americans how to think for … Continue reading

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Pro-life, not pro-punishment

Matthews pressed Trump to define his pro-life position, to which Trump responded with hemming, hawing, and ultimately an idea that women who might violate a future ban on abortion should be subject to “some form of punishment, yeah.” Invoking the … Continue reading

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It Cometh from the Pit:And Hath a Knout

After years of peace, the Kingdoms were taken greatly aback …proof that they knew nothing of the surrounding lands. They knew nothing for good reasons, of which there were two. The first was that they passed their lives with each … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump’s Life in Danger?

Currently, Donald Trump has become not simply a potential threat, but a real and present danger to the globalist conspirators. Proof that Trump has become a nightmare for the conspirators is that he has been a subject of discussion at … Continue reading

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