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Since we’re all suspects, anyhow …

by Claire Wolfe via Living Freedom One databit that arose out of Edward Snowden’s NSA snooping revelations is one most of us missed. It’s another that comes in the category of tiny, fascinating, but completely unsurprising. To wit (according to … Continue reading

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Encrypted instant messaging

by Claire Wolfe at Backwoods Home Magazine Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 Do you IM?Do you use Windows? Okay, then, this is for you. Thanks to those brilliant boys at Freedom Feens, you’ve now got an EZ tutorial for encrypting your … Continue reading

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This from our correspondent in Chile

Flyover Press Subscribers,   I would like to introduce you to a product/service that I think will prove quite useful to freedom loving persons such as ourselves and others of our mutual acquaintance.   With the growth of the surveillance … Continue reading

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