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Adios Cuba!

The not so funny thing is that I feel much the same way about my beloved Trans-Pecos Texas. As I sit helplessly by and watch the invasion of fags, artists, burnt out 60 model hippies and various and sundry other … Continue reading

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War in Korea

US ground and air forces are bogged down in Afghanistan and the Mideast, their equipment is run down, and the US Treasury seriously out of money. A real war in Korea might plunge the US into a depression. The fall … Continue reading

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Which New War To Fight?

by Eric Margolis via LewRockwell.com Recently by Eric Margolis: Hysteria Over Kim’s Nukes In the colorful, pithy Scottish language, there’s a delightful expression, “greet an’ gurn.” Which means to loudly moan and groan. That’s what’s happened this week across the United … Continue reading

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