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Explaining Liberty to Liberals, Democratic Socialists, Neo-Conservatives and Fascist Alike

I am going to post this essay in its entirety on both the Land & Livestock International and the FlyoverPress blogs today. I consider it to be that important. Please read it thoroughly and then read it again. If you … Continue reading

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How ‘Democracy’ hides American fascism

Our 2018 fascism is so advanced over Nazi Germany and fascist Italy of World War II that our system actually appears benevolent… How could this happen? The answer is reverse semantics. Every writer and every commentator in America refers to … Continue reading

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What We’re Up Against

…a “competitive business” does not need to force people to do business with it…When you cannot say no to a transaction, you have almost no negotiating power It’s called Fascism. — jtl, 419  by eric via Eric Peters Autos The following … Continue reading

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Has Donald Trump Unleashed the Neo-Nazis?

 Events of the last weeks should heighten our consciousness. There really is a brown-shirt movement in the U.S. It’s been building for many years. They have their organizations, books, websites, and splits within splits. The neo-Nazis are the most extreme … Continue reading

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The Most Deceptive Word In The English Language

Democracy is a political word that is embraced by all political parties and all politicians under many labels in every country of the modern world. It is a cover and a facade for communism, socialism, fascism, for class warfare, for … Continue reading

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Fascism Is a Current Political and Economic System

The state, for the fascist, is the instrument by which the people’s common destiny is realized, and in which the potential for greatness is to be found. Individual rights, and the individual himself, are strictly subordinate to the state’s great … Continue reading

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Short Circuiting The Market

<:hgroup> <:hgroup>by eric via Eric Peters Autos Evidence continues to accrue that the Soviet Union did not disappear in 1991. It simply transplanted itself to another part of the world. Here. One of the hallmarks of the Soviet System was top-down central … Continue reading

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Fight the Power Elite and Global Government.

Axiom 1: Advance Individual and Regional Sovereignty Over Elite and Global Governance Control. by Ron Holland of The Daily Bell via Lew Rockwell.com Previously by Ron Holland: Catalonia Votes for Independence, Press Lies as Usual How To Restore the West: Axiom 1 … Continue reading

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