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A Sozzled Apprehension of Politics: “Give them a whiff of grape,” said Wellington, who understood

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything I  am seated in front of the Optiplex, drinking Padre Kino red and garnering  insight. The garnering is tough these days. Still, to this end nothing is so effective  as cheap Mexican wine … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Ridiculous Ways the Government Shutdown Will Affect You According to CNN

via The Dollar Vigilante Millions around the world today are hoping the US federal government shuts down at midnight on Monday.  Many have thoughts of wars and occupations ending in their regions… but, sadly, this is not part of the … Continue reading

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If One More Person Asks Me “Who Will Build The Roads?”…

Governments suck at everything. At least everything worthwhile. Theft, pandering, intimidation, spying, kidnapping, brutality, mass murder and mass destruction…those things governments have down pat. In these realms they can’t be beat. But when it comes to things people actually want…well, … Continue reading

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