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Texas Takes Big Step Toward Freedom From Fed’s Money Monopoly

The American Heritage Dictionary defines fiat money as “paper money decreed legal tender, not backed by gold or silver.” The two characteristics of fiat money, therefore, are (1) it does not represent anything of intrinsic value and (2) it is … Continue reading

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Can’t We All Just Trust Our Governments?

The key takeaway (from the book being reviewed) is this: “Money only has value because we trust it, and this trust is backstopped by our trust in the government of issue…But what if government itself, via regulatory democracy, is actually intent on misleading … Continue reading

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From The Dollar Vigilante’s Feedback Friday: Hello Jeff and Gary, I wonder about the possibility of the US confiscating gold as FDR did in the thirties. Is it feasible, is it possible? The US still seems to dominate and manipulate … Continue reading

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Obsessed by Megalomania

Interview with Hans-Hermann Hoppe via LewRockwell.com Recently by Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Entrepreneurship With Fiat Property and Fiat Money   The following interview with Hans-Hermann Hoppe first appeared in the German weekly Junge Freiheit on November 2, 2012, and was conducted by Moritz … Continue reading

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