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ET Analyses Paris Attacks and Weeps for the West

From his worldly perspective, ET gets the Big Picture: For whites, it’s war abroad and hell on earth at home. Whites are the only race in the history of the earth to have ever actively participated in its own genocide. … Continue reading

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9 Reasons to Question the Paris Terror Attacks

ISIS was entirely created, funded and directed by the United States, Britain, France and other NATO countries. Yep, one of Bareback Yomama’s more brilliant foreign policy acts. — jtl, 419 by Brandon Turbeville via Activist Post By Brandon Turbeville As … Continue reading

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World War Two, a View From Different Eyes

I was fortunate in learning early that, if you want to know the truth, you need to seek out and find the looser’s side of the story.  One of the most enlightening little books I ever read was simply called … Continue reading

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Against Terrorism — But for What?

…our presence spawns more terrorists than our drones can kill. The only way radical Islam will ever be defeated is when the uS government puts its collective pencil down, gets up from its desk, turns the lights out and goes … Continue reading

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France Declares War on Islam

    Since most nation-states aren’t able to offer opportunity anymore (they are hollowing out due to globalization), this assimilation will be accelerated by rules, regulations, and force.   In turn, these communities will resist this and seek support from … Continue reading

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Je Suis Critical: An Individualist Libertarian’s Take on the France Shootings

  The front page of every newspaper exclaimed that this was an attack on “liberte”… or liberty.  Very similar to how the 9/11 attacks were pushed as being done because “they hate us for our freedom”…The main question is, “What … Continue reading

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What if the Germans had won the first world war?

  And there is another story behind this one. None of this carnage could or would have ever happened without Woody Wilson’s two enablers–the Federal Income Tax and the Federal Reserve Banking System. — jtl, 419 With the war’s centenary … Continue reading

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Want Peace? Promote Free Trade

by JULIAN ADORNEY via The Freeman Frédéric Bastiat famously claimed that “if goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will.” Bastiat argued that free trade between countries could reduce international conflict because trade forges connections between nations and gives each country an incentive to … Continue reading

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The Triumvirate of Modern Warfare

Written by Gary North via Tea Party Economist Three factors have made possible the modern world’s wars:  graduated taxation, the central bank, and the abolition of the gold coin  standard. The relationship between central banking and war has been known for … Continue reading

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25 Signs American Women Are Being Destroyed By The Sexual Revolution And Our Promiscuous Culture

Joe Sobrin was right when he said, “The problem with Americans is that they are immoral, fat, lazy and stupid. Think about it. In order to be and to remain free, a society must be moral. It is imperative. It … Continue reading

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