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Girl Coders, Patriarchy, and Despair: More Social Engineering

Computers appeal to guys for the same reason girls appeal to us: it is built in. Yep, as I always say, the fundamental differences between boys and girls was one of God’s better ideas.  by Fred Reed via Fred on … Continue reading

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Dear Internet: Is is time to break up?

Internet, despite your brilliant potential, you’ve eliminated thoughtful discourse and persuaded billions of people that 140 characters of snark is an adequate substitute… The wondrous ability to enable small voices to be heard has morphed into the endless clamor of … Continue reading

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Telling Fact from Twaddle

…the cause is American ignorance of both the lands and the people. Virtually no one in the United States has any notion of the region, they say, though all seem to have strong opinions. Indeed. And that ignorance runs so … Continue reading

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Solving the Police Problem: If They Don’t Want to be Policed, Don’t Police Them

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything It is obvious, is it not, that all of the recent problems with the police have occurred because cops keep meddling with people. If the fuzz had left Rodney King alone, Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Obama: Racism “Deeply Rooted” It is Eating America

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything White Americans are in denial about racism in the United States. It exists. It is intense. So are misogyny and homophobia. Do not be fooled: While these evils are seldom openly expressed, they … Continue reading

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Balkanizing the News: Separation of People and State

Indeed it is a “new ball game.” And, having fought the fight for freedom since before email was widely used, I am enjoying every minute of it. — jtl, 419 by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything Due to too … Continue reading

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The Cultural Equality of Man: A Right-Winger Recants

They who say all men are equal speak an undoubted truth, if they mean that all have an equal right to liberty; to their property, and to their protection of the laws.  But they are mistaken if they think men … Continue reading

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“So what?” How do you like them apples?

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything I am puzzled as to why racism is thought to be a terrible thing, rather than entirely natural and often reasonable, and why people allow themselves to be brow-beaten about it. Maybe we … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Racial Amity: Amity Seems to be Running Faster than We Are

What we are doing isn’t working. Violence grows. Sooner or later there will be an explosion and, perhaps, a conflict from which the country will never recover. Two days in a row, two very smart men (Fred Reed and Pat … Continue reading

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Juanita Barlow, SOS, and Robbing Veterans: A Memo for the Pentagon

If you have a child, sibling, cousin, niece or nephew that is of military age, do every thing in your power to keep him/her from joining any branch of the uS military. He/She will be used, abused and then dropped … Continue reading

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