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Since we’re all suspects, anyhow …

by Claire Wolfe via Living Freedom One databit that arose out of Edward Snowden’s NSA snooping revelations is one most of us missed. It’s another that comes in the category of tiny, fascinating, but completely unsurprising. To wit (according to … Continue reading

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3D Guns: Your Move, State

Keep in mind that this 3D technology has some limitations (as it stands now). All we have, so far, is a pip squeak 22 caliber, single shot pistol. Firearms of any significant caliber produce tremendous pressures inside the chamber and … Continue reading

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The Children of the Drone

They hate us because we are free, or so we have been told. We’re also told that predator drones are keeping us safe by killing dangerous terrorists. Let me introduce you to….The Children of the Drone via Hang the Bankers The girl … Continue reading

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