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Is The Takedown Of Gold A Sign That The Entire Global Financial System Is About To Crash?

It’s time to buy all you can afford boys and girls. (I personally prefer silver. It is not called the “poor man’s gold” for nothing.) — jtl, 419 via The Economic Collapse Somebody out there is sure getting prepared for … Continue reading

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From The Dollar Vigilante’s Feedback Friday: Hello Jeff and Gary, I wonder about the possibility of the US confiscating gold as FDR did in the thirties. Is it feasible, is it possible? The US still seems to dominate and manipulate … Continue reading

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Are Most Americans Utterly Blind About Gold? Yes.

Right now, we all need to be buying all of the gold and silver we can afford. But, we do not recommend “investing” in gold and silver. Am I contradicting myself? No. You do not buy gold and silver with the … Continue reading

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