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Facebook Is a Parasite… Even The New York Times Is Admitting It

Facebook, Google, and all the free services operate as parasites. So do the “discount with card” groceries, etc., etc. All of these operations are pushing you to give them your information, which they will use to manipulate you. And when … Continue reading

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Welcome to Our Global Censorship and Surveillance Platform

Facebook has ~7,500 (largely low paid subcontractors) reading posts and (private) messages to find and delete content they deem objectionable and ban the people who post it.  However, these folks are just temporary employees.  The real goal is to build … Continue reading

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Kill Google’s Tracking

by Gary North GARY NORTH’S TIP OF THE WEEK Let’s say that you use Gmail regularly. (I don’t.) Let’s say that you sign in to Gmail and forget to log out. (Don’t.) Have you ever noticed the box underneath the … Continue reading

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FBI blasts Apple, Google for locking police out of phones

via the Washington Post By Craig Timberg and Greg Miller FBI Director James B. Comey sharply criticized Apple and Google on Thursday for developing forms of smartphone encryption so secure that law enforcement officials cannot easily gain access to information … Continue reading

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Gary North’s Tip of the Week – Google — Opt Out

There are settings that you need to make sure that Google is not tracking you, using your Google+ name to promote products, or letting you get unwanted email from Google+, or letting people share YouTube videos with you. Here are … Continue reading

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Fifty Ways to Leave Leviathan

by MAX BORDERS, JEFFREY A. TUCKER via The Freeman State management of society is not only contrary to human liberty; it is also unworkable. It cannot achieve what it seeks to achieve, which is often all-round control of some sector of economic and … Continue reading

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Eric Schmidt Wants To Protect You From Your Neighbor’s Drone. But What About Barack Obama’s?

Just one more reason to despise and suspect Google. — jtl, 419 by Dave Hummels via Center for a Stateless Society As reported by the BBC, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt expresses grave misgivings about civilian acquisition of drones during an … Continue reading

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“The 10 Best Employers To Work For (You Will Be Surprised)”

by Jim Krager from “Credibly Connect” Thanks to a mentor . . Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds . . . The insecurity of self-employment can generate a far more resilient life and mindset. There are all sorts of “10 … Continue reading

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Why Ron Paul Never Fit in on Capitol Hill

Written by Gary North on January 3, 2013 via The Tea Party Economist This evening, Ron Paul will no longer be a member of Congress.   It has happened before. At the end of this day in January 1977 he … Continue reading

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Keep Your Assets Hidden In Plain Sight

by Bill Rounds Esq. on March 6, 2011 at How to Vanish Sorry David Copperfield. No matter how good a magician you are, there are some assets that you can’t make vanish, and it has nothing to do with genetics. … Continue reading

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