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Government Spending Doesn’t Create Economic Growth

      And government can NOT “create jobs.” Here is why. At any given moment, there are only a certain (fixed) amount of resources–steel, lumber, machine time, man hours, etc. So, when government decides to do one of its “make work” projects, … Continue reading

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We’re All To Blame

Social spending by Congress consumes about two-thirds of the federal budget… The only way Congress can give one American a dollar is to use threats, intimidation and coercion to confiscate that dollar from another American. Congress forcibly uses one American … Continue reading

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$5.25 Million For Senate Hair Care And 21 Other Ways Politicians Are Living The High Life At Your Expense

By Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse If you want to live the high life, you don’t have to become a rap star, a professional athlete or a Wall Street banker.  All it really takes is winning an election.  Right … Continue reading

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“Tax Expenditures”: Not Taxing Is Allegedly Spending

by George Reisman via The Mises Daily To reduce government spending means to reduce the money the government pays out, not to reduce the money it has chosen not to take in. The first is a reduction in government spending; … Continue reading

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A devastating result of sequestration

by Franklin Sanders via Daily Comentary at The Moneychanger I am so thankful that we own the best congress money can buy. Well, somebody owns it. But one alert Congress-thing, Maxine Waters of California, alerted the entire country with a devastating … Continue reading

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The Fiscal Cliff and Raising Taxes

by the Classic Liberal Blog We’re heading toward a fiscal cliff! Are you scared? The mania surrounding the Budget Control Act’s January 1 deadline is almost laughable. Especially when you realize that whatever “deal” they manage to conjure, it’ll amount … Continue reading

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