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Anti-Gun “National School Walkout” Duped Students, Families

In fact, many of the most violent societies on earth, including Mexico just south of the U.S. border, have essentially banned civilian firearm ownership entirely. Venezuela, which disarmed citizens with United Nations support, is now the murder capital of the … Continue reading

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Entirely too much common sense

Author unknown: Found floating around on the net. This just makes entirely too much common sense.  Congress would never be able to understand it There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, and this number is not disputed.. … Continue reading

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“‘Gun Violence’? No! Goon Violence”

“‘Gun Violence’? No! Goon Violence” is the current column, now on WND. An excerpt: by Ilana Mercer … For a short while, the thing called “gun violence” was uppermost in the minds of the blabbering class. Two lovely young people, … Continue reading

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Brainwashing: Designers Unveil Gun Range Targets Featuring Ordinary People

At my range (Options for Homeland Defense) our targets are images of cops, politicians and soldiers. This “Criminal Class Targets” project is aimed at raising awareness about all types of violence perpetrated by this, the most dangerous, class of criminals. — jtl, 419 The “Innocent … Continue reading

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