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The Cashless Society Is Going to Backfire for the Establishment

…the black market goes by another name: the free market. And the free market can’t be stifled in the long run. It will always produce an alternative to any law or regulation…by removing cash and creative negative interest rates, they’re … Continue reading

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How $10,000 In The Bank In 2008 Lost Over $7000 Of Wealth by 2013

Here is the answer to the question asked in the previous post below (Are you better off this Thanksgiving than you were last Thanksgiving?) jtl, 419 By Bill Sardi via LewRockwell.com “That’s money in the bank” is on old expression of the … Continue reading

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The Blow That Killed America 100 Years Ago

by Paul Rosenberg via FREEMANSPERSPECTIVE “There is  a lot of ruin in a nation,” wrote Adam Smith. His point was that it takes a long time for nations to fall, even when they’re dead on their feet. And he was certainly … Continue reading

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