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[The following post is by TDV Editor-In-Chief, Jeff Berwick] The Internal Revenue Service has warned that it may have to shut down.  The fact that this was not met by thunderous applause from the American sheeple only shows how communist … Continue reading

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Johnson has been London’s mayor since 2008 and is even planning on running for Parliament.  His big mistake was being born in New York, though. Even though he moved at age 5, the US government wants him to pay capital … Continue reading

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IRS Can Seize Your Assets Even If It Just Suspects You Committed a Crime

 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has increasingly used the process called civil asset forfeiture to seize the assets — including bank accounts — of people suspected of being engaged in criminal activity, even if no criminal charges are filed. So … Continue reading

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IRS to Jail Woman Who Owes $0 in Taxes, Seeks Jury Nullification

This is straight out of Soviet Russia. And so it is. Once you believe it can’t get any worse. Well…I’m reminded of my boot camp experience. They told me, “Cheer up. Things could be worse.” So I cheered up and, … Continue reading

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YouSSR, MeSSR: Not What Tom Jefferson Had in Mind

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everygthing How does one tell whether one is living in a dictatorship, or almost? The signs need not be so obvious as having a squat little man raving from balconies. Methinks the following indicators … Continue reading

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You Call That a Scandal?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1d_yT0ScP8&goback=%2Egde_4761014_member_245819928    LarkenRose Published on May 29, 2013 The recent “scandal” involving the IRS is completely trivial compared to injustices that are routinely committed across the country by the federal extortion racket.

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IRS Scandal: It Wasn’t Just Cincinnati (and May Involve Other Federal Agencies)

Written by  Thomas R. Eddlem of The New American   The Obama administration’s key defense in the IRS scandal is falling apart. Up until now, the administration has relied upon the implicit claim that IRS targeting of conservative groups applying … Continue reading

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Showdown With the IRS at the Not-OK Corral

Written by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist It’s great. The terror-inducing IRS is in total defensive mode. It’s employees just can’t seem to remember anything. “I don’t know.” “I don’t remember.” “I’m not familiar with that detail.” “It’s … Continue reading

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Forbes Opinion Editor: IRS Scandal Ain’t Nothing But a Thang

via GJWHG As seemingly every sentient being now knows, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has apparently been selective when it comes to the entities its agents scrutinize for tax-payment irregularities. Tea Party groups in particular (organizations known to be less sympathetic … Continue reading

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Storm Clouds Gathering

by Andrew P. Napolitano via LewRockwell.com Government is bad for personal freedom. That argument is premised upon the truism that everything government does interferes with freedom because it either prohibits or compels. Everything it owns it has taken from others. … Continue reading

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