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Is God a Libertarian?

 Normally, one of the first questions/objections of indoctrinated statists when first introduced to the idea of a stateless society is to ask for historical examples. I usually quote the ancient Scotts and the American Western Frontier. But here is another … Continue reading

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Why US and Israel wants to ban this video… – YouTube

As I have told you before, if I was a Palestinian I would be pissed too. — jtl, 419  Posted by Charleston Voice Republican neoconservatives pay heed. Apologies and “only following orders” not accepted.   This nice Jewish American speaks … Continue reading

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Whither Israel? The Road to Ruad

by Fed Reed via Fred on Everything I first heard the phrase in Phnom Penh during the siege: “The situation is hopeless, but not critical.” As Israel and the Moslem world claw at each other unendingly, I wonder whether the … Continue reading

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What Would War Between Israel And Syria Do To The Already Fragile Global Economy?

But the bigger threat to the global economy would be the fear that a regional war in the Middle East would create.  Global financial markets respond very badly to fear, and right now the world economy is already teetering on … Continue reading

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The View from Abroad: The World is not Billy Bob’s Rib Pit

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everyghing TSA I bet this won’t surprise you.        The United  States is the most hated country in the world, followed closely by Israel, and  then by nobody. Why? Why not Ecuador? China? Russia? East … Continue reading

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