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Render Unto Caesar

The answer, of course, is: the traditional, pro-tax interpretation of the Tribute Episode is simply wrong. Jesus never meant for His answer to be interpreted as an endorsement of Caesar’s tribute or any taxes. The government is not “us.” “We” … Continue reading

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Jesus Died in a Police State

Ultimately, this is the contradiction that must be resolved if the radical Jesus—the one who stood up to the Roman Empire and was crucified as a warning to others not to challenge the powers-that-be—is to be an example for our … Continue reading

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REALITY “STAR” SLAMS DUCK DYNASTY: Phil, ‘Wants to F*ck and Kill Ducks’

Does anybody know this despicable idiot? Seems to me he needs some of the same treatment that old Phil got–except, of course, from the other side. We need to see that his TV gig gets suspended too. — jtl, 419 … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty vs. A&E: Money vs. Principle

  “It’s the cultural gunfight at the OK (or Not) Corral.” Indeed it is. And, as Clint Smith used to say about gun fights, “Always cheat. Always win.” There is no such thing as a “second place winner” in a … Continue reading

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Jesus Is an Anarchist

This is a tad long but excellent reading for a cold winter weekend in front of the fireplace. — jtl, 419 (A free-market/libertarian anarchist, that is–otherwise what is called an anarcho-capitalist.) by James Redford via Anti-State.com The above title may seem like … Continue reading

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The Killers Among Us

Sometimes the hunter becmes the hunted. In either case, here is another very good examle of why we need a 2nd Amendment. — jtl, 419 by Robert WenzelEconomic Policy Journal via LewRockwell.com Recently by Robert Wenzel: Robert Ringer’s Strawman Anarchist United States … Continue reading

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Rothbard on the Politics of the Apocalypse

Kingdom Come: The Politics of the Millenium by Murray N. Rothbard on December 21, 2012 [First published in Liberty Magazine, 1990]  Christianity has played a central role in Western civilization and contributed an important influence on the development of classical-liberal … Continue reading

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