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2013: One Era Ends, Another Begins

  …2013 …brought a final, crashing end to the era in which the politicians still believed they could keep secrets from the people… (and) the people started understanding that they can (and should) keep secrets from the politicians. via Center … Continue reading

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Annals of the Police State

By Richard Dale Fitzgerald II via LewRockwell.com Edward Snowden. Julian Assange. Chelsea (née Bradley) Manning. Barrett Brown? If you are unfamiliar with the last name, you aren’t alone. Brown is just another invisible victim of our metastatic police state, facing a … Continue reading

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Role Reversal: How the US Became the USSR

By Paul Craig Roberts at PaulCraigRoberts.org  I spent the summer of 1961 behind the Iron Curtain. I was part of the US-USSR student exchange program. It was the second year of the program that operated under auspices of the US Department … Continue reading

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More Than One Slave Care… Don’t Leave Home Without It

[The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick, and is excerpted from this week’s TDV Dispatch.] “My administration will be the most transparent in history” – Barack Obama Barack Obama was correct.  It will be the most transparent and … Continue reading

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It Has Happened Here

It is extraordinary that so many Americans believe that “it can’t happen here” when it already has. Where are the “cold dead fingers” guys? They seem to always disppear when we “really” need them. Bunch of blow hards if you … Continue reading

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